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    發布日期:2021-02-08訪問次數: 信息來源:辦公室字號:[ ]

    主 講 人:田納西大學 Hwa-Chain Robert Wang 教授






    Dr. Wang is a tenured full professor at the University of Tennessee. He is an internationally recognized scholar, evidenced by his scholar publications, leadership, membership, teaching, and professional society services. He has served as a grant reviewer for many institutes, for example, as a Scientist Reviewer for the U.S. Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program since 2009. He has served peer-review of publications for more than 20 internationally well-known journals since 2002. He served as a voting member of the International Affairs Committee for the American Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges, the Administrator of the International Affairs Program at UTCVM, the President of the Phi Chapter of the Honor Society of Veterinary Medicine, etc. He provided oral presentations in the areas of U.S. veterinary education and systems at Annual Meeting for Deans of Chinese Veterinary Medical Colleges between 2007 and 2012.

    He has delivered more than 400 hours of lectures or seminars to institutes in China since 2004, in addition to lectures at international conferences and other institutes. He also coordinated exchange programs between veterinary colleges in China and the U.S. For Example, he coordinated a 5-day course on veterinary epidemiology and public health to veterinary officers at China Animal Disease Control Center, Ministry of Agriculture in Beijing (8/2010). He has lectured topics of Cell signaling, Oncogenes, Carcinogenesis, and Intervention exclusively in graduate courses at the University of Tennessee since 1999. He has also been appointed as Visiting Professor, Outstanding Chair Professor, and Tian-Shan Scholar Professor at academic institutes in China and Taiwan since 2013.


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